Mrs. Turner is Timmy Turner's mother in Fairly Odd Parents. In addition to solo shots here, she's also in some group barefoot shots on the main series page.

Season 3

Episode 5


Episode 25

"Love Struck"

Episode 31

"Snow Bound"

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Season 4

Episode 24

"Beach Bummed!"

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Season 5

Episode 2

"Love at First Height"

Season 6

Episode 10

"Land Before Timmy"

Season 7

Episode 7

In "Freaks & Greeks" Mrs. Turner, along with Mr. Tuner are seen wearing toga, with no sandals either

Episode 26

"Beach Blanket Bozos"

Episode 27


Episode 31

"Please Don't Feed The Turners"

Episode 35

"Dad Overboard"

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Season 8

Episode 3

"Invasion of the Dads"

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Episode 5

"Meet the OddParents"


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