Mrs. Turner is Timmy Turner's mother in Fairly Odd Parents. In addition to solo shots here, she's also in some group barefoot shots on the main series page.

Season 3Edit

Episode 5Edit


Episode 25Edit

"Love Struck"

Episode 31Edit

"Snow Bound"

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Season 4Edit

Episode 24Edit

"Beach Bummed!"

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Season 5Edit

Episode 2Edit

"Love at First Height"

Season 6Edit

Episode 10Edit

"Land Before Timmy"

Season 7Edit

Episode 7Edit

In "Freaks & Greeks" Mrs. Turner, along with Mr. Tuner are seen wearing toga, with no sandals either

Episode 26Edit

"Beach Blanket Bozos"

Episode 27Edit


Episode 31Edit

"Please Don't Feed The Turners"

Episode 35Edit

"Dad Overboard"

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Season 8Edit

Episode 3Edit

"Invasion of the Dads"

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Episode 5Edit

"Meet the OddParents"

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