Arashi cover
Nana to Kaoru Arashi is a spin-off of the manga series Nana to Kaoru.


With Summer Vacation approaching, Nana has no time to look forward to a relaxing break. Entrance exams for college are coming up, and she's fretting over her worst subject - Japanese History. A bizarre encounter in the high school library provides a solution to this problem in the form of taking a trip to the countryside to study with Tachibana, the owner of a local BSDM store. Meanwhile, Kaoru encounters the man who he regards as his mentor, Sarashina, who authored many of the erotic books from which he takes his advice. He, too, is invited out to the countryside over the weekend, all to lend his perspective on the experienced author's next, upcoming erotic book.

In a series of coincidences that neither of them expected, Nana and Kaoru go out to the countryside and stay under the same roof for the weekend. Studying becomes less of an obligation, as the two of them learn first-hand about what takes place after their signature "breathers."


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