Neena Hagen is one of the main antagonists in the Agent Aika OVA series, appearing in the original series and in the prequel Aika ZERO.

She claims to be the sister of the master of Delmos Rudolf Hagen but it's unknown if this is true due to her being a test tube baby like her brother and not having informations about the genetic material used in the process.

Neena is a great fighter and marksman, second only to Aika . She is also a very skilled pilot but is outclassed by Aika even in this field.

She is sadistic and unstable, inflicting punitions to her subortinates at the mere error. She is deeply in love with Rudolf Hagen and her frustration about not being able to beat Aika reached its climax when Rudolf appears to show interest in Aika. Enraged about because Aika "seduced his brother" a drunk Neena attack Aika but is brutally defeated just to reapper again, outfitted with her personal Alternate Metal (shaped as a pair of panties) provided by her brother.

Aika ZEROEdit

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Agent AikaEdit

Episode 03Edit

Title: Trial 03 - Takeoff Position

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