Olive Oyl Feet Tickling

Olive Oyl Feet Tickling

Popeye The Sailor 027 - King of the Mardi Gras

Popeye The Sailor 027 - King of the Mardi Gras

Old and new Olive

Olivia "Olive" Oyl is one of the main characters from the Popeye series.

Character Bio

Olive Oly is Popeye's love interest and sometimes girlfriend. In the series, she would be kidnapped by Popeye's rival Bluto (or someone else) as he would want her for himself. In the series she is remembered to have really big feet.

Earlier in the series her appearance was noted by critics as being too ugly, old-looking or plain for such a role as an object of desire for the hero and villain, so she underwent a minor adjustment such as having bigger, more expressive eyes, a modern hairstyle, wearing more feminine women clothing and having her feet slightly smaller but still bigger.

Theatrical shorts

"A Dream Walking" has Olive Oyl barefooted while in her nightwear as she sleep walks "Be kinds to Animals" has Olive Oyl toes expose when she feed birds off her boots and they ate right through it.

Bridge Ahoy. Olive is hanging for dear life by her foot. Bluto peals off the bottom of her boot exposing her bare sole and slides his finger up and down tickling her foot.

spinach overtune

While playing the harp, Olive removed her right foot from her boot to play one string on the harp.

Merry go Round

While in the kitchen doing chores, Olive use her toes to pick three eggs. She had a hole under her boot.

Wotta Knight

Near the end, Popeye accidentally steps on Princess Olive's "corn."

Olive's Sweepstakes Ticket

In the beginning, Olive feet are shown when she is doing sewing.

Popeye Meets Hercules

In this short Olive is wearing sandals that show her feet.

Gym Jam

Here, Bluto refers to Olive as an "angel" and imagines her as such, feet bare.

Swimmer Take All

In the end of this short, After Popeye won the swim race, and having his swimsuit being unraveled, she and rowing with her feet holding the oars while Popeye knits his suit.

Fright to the Finish



2016 film


She is in a white dress barefoot, and red toe nail polish

Television shorts

Silly Hillbill

Popeye the Lifeguard

Olive appears in her swimsuit, making her barefoot throughout.

Popeye's Trojan Horse