One Hot Minute is a tankoubon by Onizuka Naoshi in 2007. He published a sequel in 2008 called Loveable and another in 2011 called Porno Graffiti.

He has done previous works such as 2005's Life is Peachy.



  1. Ch.01 - You Can't Live on Love Alone
  2. Ch.02 - Idling STEP
  3. Ch.03 - Something in the air
  4. Ch.04 - Siblings Of The Furthest End
  5. Ch.05 - The Little Girl and That Clear, Cold Day
  6. Ch.06 - Pop Song For Us
  7. Ch.07 - HONEY
  8. Ch.08 - The Thing Precious To You
  9. Ch.09 - Fire cracker
  10. Ch.10 - Special Sketch "Divine Punishment For Scissors Girl"


  1. Ch.1 - This Is Why I Keep Saying You Can't Live On Love Alone...
  2. Ch.2 - Hug Hug
  3. Ch.3 - Ah~ Could You Wait Just A Minute?
  4. Ch.4 - Smile For You
  5. Ch.5 - I Never Really Intended To Win
  6. Ch.6 - Should We Just Go With It?
  7. Ch.7 - Endearing with the sound turned off
  8. Ch.8 - Magical Girl Mayuri-chan


  1. Ch.1 - Isn't It Alright To Fall In Love?
  2. Ch.2 - Fiction S
  3. Ch.4 - Scar Tissue
  4. Ch.5 - girl's collection
  5. Ch.10 - People Can’t Survive on Nothing but Love...

Note: the "You Can't Live On Love Alone.." appears to be reprinted in all 3 volumes and there are conflicting accounts of which chapter it is in them. One source claims it is the third chapter of PG even though it's listed as tenth. Another claims it is the second chapter of loveable even though it's listed as first.

The best explanation for this is that it is a 3-chapter series and one appears in each volume. Most of the stories here are one-shots but that continuity makes it a trilogy.

Fire CrackerEdit

Firecracker is a 22 page story. Pictures are seen of a girl named Meiko.

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