Karai is a TMNT character. She is a villain in the foot clan in most incarnations, serving the position of Shredder's daughter. In the 2003 series she is voiced by Karen Neil, who also voices Tang Shen. In the 2012 series she is voiced by Kelly Hu, who voiced Stacy Hirano in Phineas and Ferb.

2003 TV seriesEdit

Season 5Edit

Episode neededEdit

barefoot scene with close-ups near the beginning of the episode.

Episode neededEdit

2012 TV seriesEdit

(Note: since her first appearance, there hasn't been any images of her in bare feet,minus the season 2 finale flashback, but there are some close up of her feet in black socks and sandals.)

Episode 14Edit

"New Girl in Town"

Her first appearance of Karai, wears black socks with dark brown sandals.

Episode 15Edit

"The Alien Agenda"

A few close up of her black socked feet in sandals.

Episode 29Edit

"Follow the Leader"

A few close up of Karai black sock feet in sandals.

Episode 48Edit

"Vengeance is Mine"

A few close up of Karai black sock feet in sandals, which also shows to have spikes under the sandals.

Episode 51Edit

"The Invasion Part 1"

In the opening flashback a young Karai barefoot while in a Karate Gi with Shredder at her side.

Episode 106Edit

"The Forgotten Swordsman"

A few close up of Karai black sock feet in sandals

Episode 107Edit

Heart of Evil

A few images of Karai black sock feet in sandals

Fan artEdit



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