Osuzu appears in episode 5 of Manyu Hiken-cho , "Good-for-Nothings and Breasts". she is saved by Chifusa and Kaede from "monsters" that assalted her aiming fro her breasts. She si in love with a man of her village, the former chef Yasuke, who struggle to find jobs to mantain his four kids after the death of his wife, an event that left him depressed and devoid of hope for the future. Osuzu seems to the only one able to see the conflict in Yasuke and, little by little, her kindness and beauty are able to open again Yasuke's heart.

Episode 05Edit

Title: "Good-For-Nothings and Breasts" ( "Rokudenashi to Oppai" - ろくでなしとおっぱい )

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