This wiki's other pages are for the listing of series for which we do not yet have pages, shows which there are not corresponding images for.

Editors are encouraged to add details about shows that lack articles, and episode/time or chapter/page so that others may in the future find images to prove they have them and form an article out of them.

The pages are:


Originally this wiki had a more restrictive policy, where only the founder's favorite series were allowed to have their own individual pages, and the 'other' pages were used to consolidate series which were not well liked enough to be afforded them.

Since adoption and the inclusion of new administration, all series are now treated equally and all are permitted to have their own pages. This was especially out of recognition of the sheer amount of series which have barefoot scenes (probably moreso than bath scenes) and our coverage of a wide spanse of media.

Not only this, but since then, in addition to individual series pages, individual characters who have named references or logical descriptions can also have their own pages, for featuring images that feature them solo. Series pages are used for shots that feature multiple characters to avoid duplication.

The purpose of the 'other' pages has shifted from featuring less-liked shows to now featuring shows whose pages are under development. The general policy is that of confirmation: a series or a character should generally only receive their own page when at least one barefoot scene has been confirmed.

Confirmation is done by the submission of either picture or video evidence of there being such a scene, and that media is featured on the new page. When this has occurred, the series should be removed from an 'other' page to its own page, and all subsequent information for the series should be put there.

As series are removed from the 'other' article, their new articles should be grouped under the appropriate category, so that it can alphabetize and track them.

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