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A Tale of Egypt

Characters are seen with sandals on that expose their feet.

A Very Fairy Christmas

The fairies shown in this film are shown to be barefoot.

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Muriel and Eustace had a few barefoot scenes throughout the show's initial run.


The Happy Prince

Many people are seen barefoot.

Jesus: A Kingdom Without Frontiers

Many people are shown to wear sandals that expose their feet, including Joseph and Mary.

The Last of the Mohicans

Some Native American girls are seen barefoot.

Looney Toons

short "The Night of the Living Duck" - in Daffy's dream, one of the guests at the Monster Night Club is the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and a barefoot girl he was carrying in his arms.

The Night Before Christmas: A Mouse Tale

The mother of the human family, Julie, can be seen barefoot in her green nightgown. Getting up out of bed, she puts on slippers that expose her heels and ankles.

Princess Lillifee (series)

In the beginning of the film "Princess Lillifee", it shows the titular Princess Lillifee, in her in her nightgown and even has her feet tickled by birds in order to wake her up.

In the sequel, Princess Lillifee and the Little Unicorn, there are two barefoot scenes with Lillifee. Somewhere in the beginning, and later when she's in bed and is in her nightgown.

Rolf Kauka's Once Upon a Time

Mary-Lou is barefoot until she wears shoes for the rest of the film.

The Christmas Elves

Many characters are seen barefoot, including Angela, one of Tommy's siblings.

The Magic Riddle

Main female protagonist Cindy is barefoot all throughout the film.

The Twelve Tasks of Asterix


The Sirens who inhabit the "Isle of Pleasure" are barefoot. Near the end of the film, there's a cameo of Cleopatra, who is barefoot.

Timothy Tweedle: The First Christmas Elf

A little girl at 44:43 can be seen barefoot.

Tracey McBean



  • User: 09:08, October 21, 2012 alleged: In Tron Uprising episode 8 The Reward Mara loses her left boot when a rope attached to a motorcycle pulls it off.
  • User: 21:04, November 18, 2012 disputes: who are putting this information? the responsable put every time that a girl loses her foot wear on differents episode of series like Redakai and now this but that never happens. I personally check this episode of Tron and the Redakai one to see that this is false.
  • User: October 2013 also disputes: What's up with the guy obsessed for the "Loses off her boot" of "her boot was pulled off"??? Every information he puts is fake, I checked the Episode 8 of Tron and the scene that he said never existed.

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