Ouka Sayama is a character in the anime Manyu Hiken-cho. She is a Manyu assassin and bodyguard/personal attender of Chifusa Manyu's brother, Muneyuki Manyu.

She is an exceptional swordswoman, being able to fight Chifusa and even hit her with a "Boob Slash" but unable to land a fatal hit due to the duel being interrupted.

Ouka is flat-chested and endured a harsh lifestyle until Muneyuki employed her, recognizing her incredible skill and not judging her because of her small breasts and consequent lack of social position. This kindness won Ouka's absolute loyalty for him and, probably, even her heart.


TV seriesEdit

Episode 7Edit

Title: "Boobie Kid" ( "Oppai Kozo" - おっぱい小僧 )

Episode 10Edit

Title: "The First Breast Slash" ( "Hajimari no Chichi-giri - 始まりの乳斬り )

Episode 11Edit

Title: "Munemori Village" ("Munemori no Sato" - 胸杜の里 )

Episode 12Edit

Title: Title: "Breast Flow" ( "Chichi-nagare - 乳流れ )

OVA SeriesEdit

Episode 4Edit

Title: "Kaede's Chifusa-sama Breast Growth Record 02" ( "Kaede no Chifusa-sama chibusa no seicho kiroku 02" - 楓の乳房の成長記録 )

Episode 6Edit

Title: "Forging Beautiful Breasts 02" ( "Binyu Tanzo 02" - 美乳鍛造 )

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