A minor character of the anime series Manyu Hiken-cho , a once well-endowed girl that was deprived of her bust size by Kagefusa Manyu . She appear in episode one, "Chifusa Defects". Having now very small breasts she is treated as a low-life by everyone, even her lover left her. She initially bears great grudge toward the Manyu clan and attempt to kill Chifusa when she recognize the Clan characters on Chifusa's katana. Anyway, Chifusa gentle heart make her reconsider her vendetta and she restarted to believe in a bright future when Chifusa assured her that by mastering the Breast Flow she will grant a decent bust size (and a normal life) to all the women of Japan.

Episode 01Edit

Title: "Chifusa Defects" ( "Chifusa Rihan Su" - 千房 離反す )

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