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Perowan! - Hayashinasai! Goshujinsama is a manga series.


Shiro who has a very doting attachment to his female dog, Mashiro. In a brief explanation before the manga begins, Shiro is revealed to have licked a girl's foot during his adolescent years. This curious moment comes up again many years later when he finds himself at the feet of his animal companion, now mysteriously turned human. This was caused by a meddling witch who, through this development, reveals to Shiro the humiliation he had been putting his dog through all these years. The witch places into effect a contract that forces Shiro to improve his treatment of Mashiro, eventually settling on this: if Mashiro isn't satisfied (to whatever whim) by the end of her human phase, then Shiro would find himself becoming a dog instead.

The dynamics of their master/pet relationship are played around with a lot in this manga, often with hilarious and unpredictable results. Mashiro frequently demands that her feet be licked for her own satisfaction, placing Shiro is problematic situations due to his dog's poor understanding of the human world, and what licking a girl's foot can entail in a romance. Even after shifting back to her animal form when successfully satisified, the process resets some time the following day, forcing Shiro to come to terms with the new relationship between him and his pet.


Chapter 1Edit

Shiro tries to deal with the human Mashiro at school, who seems far more interested in being satisfied by Shiro than avoiding the classmates sure to discover them if left in the classroom too long.

Chapter 2Edit

Shiro tries to take Mashiro to school, only to lock her into one of the isolated storehouses to keep her from troubling the rest of the school. She eventually escapes and goes off in search of her owner, mangling her clothing in the process. When discovered by Shiro, he takes her to the infirmary where she can put her clothing back on properly. Mashiro soon decides to punish her owner for locking her in the storehouse earlier.

Chapter 3Edit

The witch interrupts their interesting moment in the infirmary, explaining that Mashiro is now properly enrolled into the school. These two put off their actions until they return home, where Shiro resumes licking her feet to turn her back into a normal dog for the rest of the evening.

Chapter 4Edit

Shiro takes Mashiro out shopping for underwear, seeing as she requires this to seem normal at school. While trying it on, Mashiro pulls him inside the dressing area and requests that he lick her feet. Shiro's argues that the dressing room is too small for such embarrassing, public conduct, only to be proven wrong by the witch who meddles once again and turns him into a small dog. As a dog, he is now forced to lick Mashiro's feet, but his now tiny, insignificant laps prove ineffective to fully satisfy her. They eventually return home and continue what was started inside of the department store. However, they're caught off-guard when Shiro's little sister emerges from hiding in his closet.

Chapter 5Edit

Shiro, after protecting his little sister from some falling gym equipment, becomes stuck. Mashiro shows up and tries to help, only to get herself tangled in the mess immediately afterward. With the only option being to get Mashiro unstuck first, Shiro decides that showing his little sister what occurs when he licks Mashiro's feet would be enough to restore his good standing with her. However, she goes unconscious from the shock of seeing her brother lick the feet of his (supposed) girlfriend while on top of her.

Chapter 6 & 7Edit

After seeing hints of a strange, dominant side to Mashiro before, it is finally revealed in its truest form. Shiro attempts to turn her back into a dog by licking her foot, but he fails. Mashiro sees this and turns the tables on him, suggesting that it was really Shiro all along who wanted to lick her feet. She takes full advantage of his submissiveness, openly trying to convince him to have sex.

Chapter 8Edit

After being invited out to play tennis, Mashiro finds herself jealous to find that Shiro is inspecting the injured leg of a different woman. She jumps in and demands that he only lick her feet, baring her bare foot for him to satisfy right in front of the other girl. She joins in, revealing her bare foot for Shiro in order to compete with Mashiro.

Chapter 10Edit

Shiro takes Mashiro out to a pool park, hoping to normalize their increasingly awkward relationship. However, an encounter with the witch brings all sorts of trouble.

Chapter 11Edit

Shiro's younger sister is bewitched by the witch's familiar, forcing him to tickle her into submission.

Chapter 12Edit

Chapter 15Edit

Ashe the witch returns to complicate Shiro and Mashiro's relationship.

Chapter 16Edit

Chapter 17Edit

Chapter 18Edit


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