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Peter Parker is sometimes seen barefoot when he takes off his Spider-Man costume.


Civil War Edit

Family Business Edit

Amazing Spider-Man - Family Business-026
Amazing Spider-Man - Family Business-027

Web of Spider-ManEdit

Issue 50Edit

Amazing Spider-ManEdit

Annual 1 Edit

Amazing Spider-Man annual 1 one boot one foot

Annual 21 Edit

Peter pops the Question

Issue 25 Edit

ASM025 15

Issue 27 Edit

Issue 50 Edit

Issue 87 Edit

Issue 91 Edit

Annual 5 Edit

Issue 476Edit

AKA issue 35 of volume 2

Issue 634 Edit

Issue 650 Edit

ASM 650 011
ASM 650 012

Issue 682Edit

"Spider Island" A mysterious mutative virus has spread across New York granting people Spider-man like powers

Spectacular Spider-ManEdit

Issue 138Edit


I finally found that scene with Peter and Tarantula

This article needs images

Amazing Spider-man Volume 3 Edit

Issue 1 Edit

Amazing Spider-Man 001 (2014) 008
Amazing Spider-Man 001 (2014) 018
Amazing Spider-Man 001 (2014) 020
Amazing Spider-Man 001 (2014) 021

Issue 9

Amazing Spider-Man 009 (2014) 008


Ultimate Spider-Man (Earth-1610) Edit

Volume 1, Issue 67

Avenging Spider-Man (Earth 616) Edit

Issue 16

Superior Spider-Man (Earth 616) Edit

Issue 6 Edit


Spectacular Spider-Man / (Earth-26496)Edit

Episode 5

Episode 11 "Group Therapy"Edit

Fanart Edit

See alsoEdit

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