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Phineas and Ferb is a Animated Series of Disney Channel from 2007 until 2015


Season 1Edit

Episode 2Edit

See w:c:PhineasAndFerb:Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror
See Candace Flynn#Episode 2, Phineas Flynn#Episode 2 and Jeremy Johnson#Episode 2 for solo shots.

Season 2Edit

Episode 58Edit

w:c:PhineasAndFerb:Gaming the System

See Candace Flynn#Episode 58 and Buford#Episode 58 for solo shots

Episode 61Edit

w:c:PhineasAndFerb:De Plane! De Plane!

See Candace Flynn#Episode 61 for solo shots

Episode 71Edit

w:c:PhineasAndFerb:Spa Day

See Candace Flynn#Episode 71 for solo shot

Episode 79Edit

In the musical number "Not So Bad A Dad" we see Vanessa and her teammate barefoot (with one wearing white sandals) while at the swim meet.

Episode 83Edit


There are also solo shots at Baljeet Candace, Ferb and Isabella

Episode 100Edit

S2e34 "Phineas and Ferb Hawaiian Vacation"

Candace Flynn#Episode 100 and Heinz Doofenshmirtz#Episode 100 also have some solo shots.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Episode 122Edit

In the "Candace Gets Busted" musical number "Candace Party" there is a brunette girl wearing open toed sandals.

Season 3Edit

Episode 141Edit

"Tri-Stone Area" also has images of Stacy Hirano and Heinz and Roger Doofenshmirtz on their own, in addition to the groups below.

Episode 157Edit

"The Mom Attractor" musical number "We are the Moms!" shows a couple of moms (one model after storyboard and artist Aliki Theofilopoulos Grafft) wearing sandals as they hear the "Baby-Cry-Inator" from Doof's home.

Episode 159Edit

"Agent Doof"

Episode 164Edit

In "Sipping with the Enemy" a unnamed female hipster is seen wearing open-toed sandals after being hit by the Cool-inator, making her uncool.

Episode 165Edit

In "Tri-State Treasure Boot of Secrets." there is a girl with a light red pony tail, wearing open-toed sandals behind Candace.

Season 4Edit

Episode 180Edit

In "My Sweet Ride" in one of Heniz's flashback, there's a unnamed female Drusselshteinian who is wearing opened toed sandals (and hairy legs) during the "Gimmelshtump car show".

Episode 186Edit

see w:c:PhineasAndFerb:BeeDay

S4e5a "Bee Day"

Episode 187Edit

"Great Balls of Water"

Croppings of just Candace found at Candace Flynn#Episode 187

Episode 188Edit

See w:c:PhineasAndFerb:Great Balls Of Water

S4e10a "Great Balls of Water"

See Phineas Flynn#Episode 188 for solo shot.


See w:c:PhineasAndFerb:Across the 2nd Dimension

Fan artEdit

For group photos, solos to go on character pages.

See alsoEdit

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