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In various episodes of Pokémon, characters can be seen barefoot. This main page is primarily for shots where multiple (or unnamed) characters in the series go barefoot. When a character's name is known and they are the only one who is barefoot, the photos are likely to be exported to individual character pages.

If editors do not know how to do this, add it here into a new section and admins will export for you.


Here are pages we have characters for:

This series page is reserved for group shots of multiple characters simultaneously barefoot, or for characters unidentified or who yet lack their own pages.

Original seriesEdit

Episode 7Edit

In "The Waterflowers of Cerulean City" Misty's sisters - Daisy, Violet, and Lily - are all seen barefoot during their water show.

Episode 20Edit

In The Ghost of Maiden's Peak" Brock thinks of three girls in Bikinis when he moan that Summer's over and has to wait a whole year for Girls in Bikinis once again.

Episode 244Edit

In "Enlighten Up", Jessie and Misty are barefoot for most of the episode (no close-ups though).

D and PEdit

Episode 47Edit

Episode 86Edit

Episode 87Edit

Episode(s) neededEdit

X and YEdit

Episode 15Edit

unidentified seasonEdit

unidentified episode AEdit

allegedly season 18 episode 88 (episode 887 overall), confirmation needed.

unidentified episode BEdit

Allegedly episode 803, "Lumiose City Pursuit", the second episode of the fifth series.

Fan artEdit

see /fanart

See alsoEdit

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