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Ariel is the protagonist of The Little Mermaid. She has a daughter named Melody who always goes barefoot. Ariel is voiced by Soprano Singer, Jodi Benson.

Ariel as a Human


The Little MermaidEdit

Right after Ariel gets turned into a human, she likes the fact that she is barefoot so she wiggles her toes quickly and smiles at her feet. Her toe nails are briefly seen when she's in her pajamas and when she wears the dress made out of a old ship's sail.

The Little Mermaid II: Return to the SeaEdit

She takes slips off her shoes and steps barefoot and piggy toes in the water.



Kingdom Hearts IIEdit

Promotional artEdit


Ariel to the Rescue / Ariel's Dolphin RescueEdit

Ariel can be seen barefoot while walking along the beach, and while she's with her friends in the lagoon.

Ariel: The Birthday SurpriseEdit

Ariel: The Shimmering Star NecklaceEdit

Ariel's Royal WeddingEdit

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Unknown booksEdit





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