Diana Prince, also known as Wonder Woman or Diana of Themyscira hails from the island of Themyscira a Island of Warrior Women called Amazons.

Wonder women Rebirth


The Legend of Wonder Woman

Issue 2

Wonder Woman volume 1

Issue 39

Issue 43

Issue 44

Issue 45

Issue 46

Issue 47

Issue 49

Issue 58

ankles on cover

Issue 101

Issue 123


Issue 179

Issue 189

Issue 199

Tribunal of Fear

Issue 218

Source's choice of filename along with art-style probably means this is w:c:Wonder Woman Vol 1 218 the "139" meaning is unclear because it clearly has a '6' at the bottom for the page.

Issue 300

Wonder Woman volume 2

Issue 36

released November 1989

Special 1

released February 1992

She battles Deathstroke under the cover title "Amazon versus Assassin", to be concluded in issue 63.

Some higher-quality scans at

Issue 67

October 1992

Issue 68

November 1992

Issue 73

released April 1993

Issue 91

released November 1994

Issue 105

released January 1996

Issue 126

Issue 127

released November 1997

Issue 129

Issue 184

October 2002

Her left ankle is visible while dressed as Miss America.

Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special

Issue 2

released January 1991

Wonder Woman Gallery

June 1996

Sins of Youth

Wonder Girls

May 2000

Wonder Woman volume 3

Issue 21

Issue 34

released September 2009

Secret Six

Issue 13

w:c:DC:Secret Six Vol 3 13 released November 2009

Wonder Woman volume 1 resumed

Issue 605

released January 2011

Wonder Woman Vol. 4 (New 52)

Issue 1

released November 2011

Issue 4

Issue 22

Issue 35

Issue 36

Published November 2014

Superman/Wonder Woman

Issue 1

released December 2013

Issue 5

issue 18

Smallvile Season 11



Harley's Little Black Book

Issue 1

DC Trinity Superman/Batman

Trinity issue 1


Justice League

Season 2

Episode 33
aired 18 October 2003

In s2e7, part 1 of 2 in "Maid of Honor", she takes off her shoes for a quick barefoot scene when she gets back to her apartment.

2009 film

3 March 2009

The "Wonder Woman" direct-to-video 2009 animated movie offer us a really long sequence of WW going barefoot to fight the demi-god Deimos. The fight is really fierce, with an awesome POV stomp form our lovely amazon. Lots of resemblance with the legendary fighting scene of Chun-Li in the Street Fighter animated movie.

DC Super Hero Girls

Season 1

Episode 2

In "All About Super Hero High", Wonder Woman can be seen wearing sandals that expose her feet.

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Episode 3

In "Roomies", Wonder Woman can be seen barefoot while in her nightclothes at the beginning.

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Episode 4

In "Crazy Quiltin", Wonder Woman can be seen barefoot while in her nightclothes. She's later seen in sandals that expose her feet.

Episode 12

In "Hero of the Month: Wonder Woman", there's a scene with Wonder Woman barefoot as a child.

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Season 4

Episode 6

Episode 13

DC SuperHero Girl: Hero of the Year

Wonder Women is wearing the same outfit with sandals she wore in her first appearance when she return to her home to get her shield fixed.

Official art

DC Gals

Depicted in all her stunning beauty while wearing sandals and showing her feet in the DC Gals poster, art by Adam Hughes.


Possibly fan art




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