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Ranma Saotome is a boy, but transforms into a red haired girl after having contact with cold water. She changes back into a boy when doused in hot water.


Episode 1

"The strange stranger from China"

Episode 3

"A Sudden Storm of Love"

Episode 12

"A Woman's Love is War! The Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics Challenge!"

Episode 13

"A Tear in a Girl-Delinquent's Eye? The End of the Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics Challenge"

Episode 25

"Behold! The 'Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire' Technique"

Episode 47

Transform! Akane the Super-Duper Girl

Episode 98

A Leotard is a Girl's Burden

Movie 2

Nihao, my concubine!



Fishing-rod of love

Ranma Gets Hooked By Fishing Rod of Love And Swoons Over Ryoga by Tabito


Ranma Saotome/fanart

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