The co-protagonist in the original OVA series of Agent Aika .

Rion Aida is the 18 years old daughter of Gozo Aida and Aika assistant in the Salvager businness. Saying that she is hyperactive is an euphemism and she demonstrate that in willing to run her father business with a more aggressive andpractical oriented way. To her dismay her father always refuse such a solution, sticking with the policy that made him the best Salvager in the past: "Cheapest price for the best service". A motto that worked in the past but is leading his company near bankruptcy due to more well funded and equipped competitors.

Despite always arguing with him and sometime joking to leave the K.K. Corporation with Aika to open a business of her own, Rion deeply love her father. She was raised by him alone when her mother divorced after she was born. For her Aika is a maternal figure, a big sister and her ideal to be as an adult and Salvager.

Agent Aika

Episode 02

Title: Trial 02 - Naked Mission

Episode 06

Title: Trial 05 - The Golden Delmo Operation