A cute pic of Ruri. In japanese showing the pinkie that way means "girlfriend". Arma was embarassed while examplaining the meaning of the gesture to ruri so he ended up saying that the sign means "friend". While returning at her mansion, Ruri say to her maids that after the trip to Kamakura she is "like this" to Arma. Poor Arma freak out and the maids are overjoyed to know she is his "girlfriend".

Ruri Aiba (藍羽ルリ Aiba Ruri) is the female lead character from the anime Sacred Seven. Her support is vital for the main male lead Arma due to her power of awakening the true power of the people possessed by the DarkStones.


Episode 5Edit

Episode title: "The Mirror in Kagami's Heart" - "Kokoro no Kagami"

The canonical beach episode with some twists related to Dark Stones. The girls show-off theis swimsuits and Ruri give us a glimpse of her feet.

Episode 8Edit

Episode title: "With All My Heart" - "Magokoro o Komete"

Due to a little trick to improve their relationship by Oni-Gawara, Ruri and Arma end up going to a date in Kamakura. Misunderstandings and troubles ensues but in the end they make their bond much stronger. While on the beach Ruri end up with a little injury on her foot due to a broken shell.

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