Samantha (usually Sam for short) is one of the original Totally Spies! cast. In the episode "Do You Believe in Magic?", Sam introduces herself as "Samantha Simpson" when she enters The Great Kandinsky's castle. However, this may have been an alias.


Sam is one of the three tops spies from W.H.O.O.P, She is known out of the three to the smartest of the three, and aslo a loyal and sweet person.  She has great leadership skills, always focused on the task at hand whether it's studying for school or fighting crime. In school she has best grade in school as she is known to be a straight-A student. She was once offered a opportunity to skip her senior year and go to college but turn it down as she didn't want to leave her friends. 

Season 1Edit

Episode 1Edit

"A Thing For Musicians"

Episode 3Edit

"The New Jerry" In the opening a close up of Sam's feet are shown when she is seen scratching her right foot with her left foot.

Episode 4Edit

"Get Away""

Episode 6Edit

"Model Citizens"

Episode 14Edit

"Man or Machine"


Near the end Sam's sole are shown when she, Clover and Alex are at the beach relaxing.

Season 3Edit

Episode 2Edit

In "Freaky Circus Much" Sam is seen barefooted while in a towel, including a close up of her feet when she is on the moving floor.

Episode 3Edit

Sam's Soles are shown.

Episode 4Edit

Sam is barefoot while wearing a blue shirt

Season 4Edit

Episode 4Edit

In "O.P" a close up of Sam's feet when she and the girls tried to escape from a seaside community who brainwash all the teens into behavior teens.

Episode 22Edit

In "Spies in Space" Sam 'feet, sandals, can be seen when she,Clover and Alex, are are tapping when they secretly listen a song in the library.

Episode 103Edit

In "Totally Busted! PT2" Sam is seen wearing yellow sandals.

Not so Totally Spies PT1Edit

Sam is shown to have a new pair of sandals.

Season 6Edit

Episode 132Edit

"Nine Lives"

Episode 134Edit

"Super Mega Dance Party Yo"

Episode 135Edit

"Pageant Problems"

Episode 140Edit

"The Dusk of Dawn"

Episode 148Edit

"Totally Switched Again" as a close up of Sam's feet when she, along wit the girls, are doing some fighting training against Jerry's mother; a former spy.

Episode 149Edit

"Clowning Around"

Totally Spies! The MovieEdit


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