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Sankarea is a manga series.


Chihiro Furuya is a male highschool student with an absurd interest in zombies. He desires to collect zombie-based video games, film and manga, and even desires to "kiss a zombie girl" at some point in his life. After the unfortunate death of his beloved pet, Babu, he makes an attempt to revive it using an old manuscript, which details the process of creating a potion to resurrect the dead. The potion appears to fail, and Chihiro makes a trip to the local cemetery to bury his once lively pet.

Upon arriving, he encounters a girl named Rea Sanka, who has run away from home because of her sheltered life. Chihiro witnesses her sad outburst at the cemetery, and brings Rea back to his house. After making friends with him, she secretly decides to commit suicide by drinking the rest of the poisonous resurrection potion that Chihiro created. Unfortunately, this fails to kill her. Following an argument with her protective father when trying to return to see Chihiro, she falls from a cliff by accident and is killed upon impact. However, as a result of a potion, she returns as a zombie. Rea now has to preserve her cognitive abilities by eating the main ingredient of the potion, hydrangea leaves, and seeks to experience everything that she couldn't while living her caged life - including romance.

This is a series with frequent foot scenes, especially with the introduction of a young, but astonishingly mature zombie expert named Darin Kurumiya. Almost even scene with Darin will revel in giving readers the very best shots of her feet. The rest of the characters in Sankarea are no exception to these lovely foot scenes, although Rea receives a more than prominent focus seeing as she's one of the main characters.




Chapter 4

Although Rea can think just fine, her body enters begins to slow down. Chihiro diagnoses this as an early stage of rigor mortis, and races to find a cure for this after-effect of becoming a zombie. As he searches, Chihiro finds a clue from his zombie cat Babu, and discovers that the hydrangea leaves will offset the rigor mortis.

Chapter 7

Chihiro vows to serve Rea more faithfully, as she is a zombie of his creation. This happens to cummulate in daily assessments of her body, including her feet.

Chapter 13 & 14

The zombie expert Darin shows up at her school, so Rea decides to follow her as she treks throughout the school grounds in her stockings. As would be expected in that sort of situation, an accident occurs and Rea leaps into action to save Darin. This results in Rea suffering a torn limb, which Darin intends to fix.

Chapter 15 & 16

Chihiro tends to a drunken Darin, who prods him incessantly with her bare feet. These playful movements eventually turn into a face massage with her bare soles, to which she explains that Chihiro's half-insane grandfather, who was her mentor, appreciated such efforts. Despite the implications, Chihiro ignores her statement and tries to discover more about what will happen to Rea as a zombie.

Chapter 18

In the wake of Rea fleeing home after a brutal incident with her flesh-eating urges, Chihiro makes an attempt to persuade her step-mother to file a missing person's report. In response, she attempts to seduce him.

Chapter 21

While at the beach, Darin confronts Rea and Chihiro about their strange romance, prompting Rea to push her away. However, Rea often forgets that she has no way of controlling her strength as a zombie, so Darin has her flip-flops literally knocked off as she is thrown into the ocean.

Chapter 25 & 28

In the midst of Rea trying to become friends with Darin, the cruel reality of what a zombie is destined to become reaches Chihiro. While out searching for his zombie cat Babu, he finds that Babu has been abducting local pets from the neighborhood and eating them. Confronting Darin about this matter results in yet another foot scene.

Chapter 36

Chapter 43

Rea's step-mother makes another appearance, after a botched night trying to procure a male host.



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