Satsuki Toreishi is the lead character of the OVA series "Idol Defense Force Humming Bird".

She is the third one in terms of age in the Toreishi sisters group and one of the less motivate in singing and flying at the same time. Satsuki love flying because it makes her feel more close to her father, a great pilot that lost his life in action. She sometimes ponders to leave the idol's world to join the Japan Self Defense Aerial Unit to be more effective in her role as a pilot. While a bit clumsy and easy to distract Satsuki have incredible skills as a pilot and is able to perform manouvers that border the impossible.

Episode 01Edit

Title: The Best Guy ("Idol Defense Force Hummingbird") - ("Aidoru Boeitai Hummingbird" - アイドル防衛隊ハミングバード )

Episode 02Edit

Title: Summer - ( "Aidoru Boeitai Hummingbird '94 Natsu" - アイドル防衛隊ハミングバード '94 夏)

Episode 03Edit

Title: The song of Wind ( "Kaze no Uta" - 風の唄 )

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