Catwoman aka Selina Kyle is a character in DC Comics.



Batman AdventuresEdit

issue 02Edit

issue 21Edit

Batman & Robin AdventuresEdit

issue 16Edit

Harley QuinnEdit

Road Trip Special

Catwoman Volume 3 Issue #25

published October 1995

Selina can be seen barefoot waking up from her sleep and walking naked across her apartment(With closeups of her buttocks).She is also seen barefoot while putting her clothes on.

Catwoman Volume 2

Issue 38Edit

published October 1996

Issue 53Edit

Catwoman volume 3Edit

Issue 1Edit

Anodyne 1 of 4 published January 2002

Page 1 has a double-barefoot image not yet depicted here.

Issue 57Edit

Catwoman volume 4Edit

This was the "New 52 series"

Issue 0Edit

published November 2012

Issue 1Edit

published November 2011

Issue 2Edit

Issue 5Edit

Issue 6Edit

published April 2012

Issue 12Edit

published October 2012



The New Batman AdventuresEdit

Episode 15Edit

In the last scene of "Cult of the Cat" she can be seen barefoot for a few seconds.

The BatmanEdit

Episode 6Edit

In her debut episode, "The Cat and the Bat", she kicks off her pumps and there is a brief closeup of her bare feet.


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