The female lead of Toradora! . Taiga is regarded as a tiny but really beautiful girl, Ryuji even comment the she "looks handcrafted, like a doll". This lead to lots of the students harboring a crush on her but at the same time being afraid of her due to Taiga's aggressive attitude. the combination of her short stature (she is just 143 cm tall) and usual brutal snapping to people eanred her the nickname of "Te Nori Taiga" (Palmtop Tiger).

She have a crush on Yusamu Kitamura, Ryuji's best friends, a fact that served as a starting point to her growing closer and closer to Ryuji. Taiga is honest to the utmost extent but also extremely clumsy even if she try to hide it, with comical rersults.

Minori Kushieda is her best friend and confident, the only person able to understand Taiga feeling until Ryuji came into the picture. They share a deep friendship that helped Taiga in some of the worst moments of her life.


Episode 1Edit

Title: "Tiger and Dragon" ( "Tora to Ryu" - 虎と竜 )


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