The turtles are mostly barefoot with some wrapping around their feet, so their toes can usually be seen when they are jumping or kicking using their ninja skills.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or TMNT is an ongoing series which began as a black and white comic book created by Eastman and Laird in the 80s.

It has had several other comic book, cartoon and live action spinoffs on television and in theatre.




Issue 1Edit

From the get-go, the Ninja Turtles were depicted on the first cover fighting barefoot. They have a pair of large distinct toes, though over time (such as in the 2012 TV series) the prominence of their feet have been de-emphasized.


A manga series was produced based on the 'super turtles' anime where they transform into bigger more humanoid armored versions. Even in these forms they have bare green feet with two toes though.

Issue unidentifiedEdit


Issue neededEdit

A barefoot amazon is strangled by a barefoot Ninjara.


Turtles in TimeEdit

While the first film's cover merely showed the turtle's heads peaking through a sewer grate, and the second film's cover merely showed the turtles' upper bodies as they held a vial of ooze, the third film shows them jumping up in the air, where their feet can be seen.


80s seriesEdit

See April O' Neil, plus:

Episode 38Edit

s3e20 "Leatherhead Terror of the Swamp" debuted 9 November 1989

Episode 52Edit

debuted 15 November 1989

In s3e34 "Shredderville" April and Irma are barefoot while dress like Harem Girls in a alternate reality world where Shredder is ruler.

Shots solely of April at April O'Neil#Episode 52.

Episode 61Edit

"The Great Boldini"

Tickling scene with 2 youths.

Tmnt tickling (great boldini)01:08

Tmnt tickling (great boldini)

Episode 71Edit

debuted 17 September 1990

In s4e6 "Four Turtles and a Baby" April is wearing a white bathrobe holding Trib

Episode unidentified AEdit

In one original series episode, (Leatherhead Terror of the Swamp) April and Irma can be seen wearing sandals.

Episodes unidentified BEdit

The turtles, who generally tend to fight barefoot throughout the series are also barefoot.

Next MutationEdit

This was a live TV series that began in 1997 which bore resemblance to the films. Turtles from this depiction crossed over with series like Power Rangers.

Episode unidentified liveEdit


Unidentified 2003 episodeEdit

The four turtles generally tend to fight barefoot in this depiction as well.


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