Susan has blue eyes, wears rectangular glasses and a star in her straight hair


Mary has green eyes, wears crescent-shaped glasses and a moon in her curly hair.

Susan Test and Mary Test are the twin older sisters of Johnny Test and the daughters of Lila Test. Susan wears skirts and Mary wears jeans.

Season 1

Episode 4a

In S1e4a "Deep Sea Johnny" Susan and Mary are wearing swimsuits and sandals. (Note: This is the first time their feet are shown)

Season 2

Episode 21b

In S2e8b "Johnny the Kid" they wear swimsuits and sandals.

Episode 22b

In S2e9b "Johnny Meets the Pork-Ness Monster" has Susan and Mary wearing sandals for the first half of the episode.

Episode 23a

In S2e10a "Johnny X Strikes Back (JX4)" Susan has one shoe on and one shoe off.

Season 5

Episode 69b

In S5e4b "Johnny of the Deep" Susan is wearing a tropical clothing with sandals when Bling Bling Boy used a ring to make Susan fall for him.

Episode 85b

In "Johnny vs. The Tickler", they are having their bare feet tickled by "The Tickler", Wacko's evil brother.

Episode 87b

In S5e22b "It's Du-Kay, Johnny" the twins just woke and realize that one pair of their "GIL" slipper is gone (Mary lost her "G" and Susan lost her "IL")

Season 6

Episode 106a

Near the end of S6e15a "Johnny Unplugged" Johnny uses Susan and Mary's stinky feet to get rid of mountain lions.





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