Kaminomi is short for the romaji of the series, Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai, translated The World God Only Knows. It's about a guy who plays dating sims and then must apply those skills to real life girls.




Season 1


The end theme, which can be watched here depicts various girls spreading paint around with their bare feet. In order this is:

  1. Elucia (pink paint)
  2. Ayumi Takahara (blue and yellow)
  3. Mio Aoyama (blue and pink, making purple)
  4. Kanon Nakagawa (pouring and then falling in purple)
  5. Shiori Shiomiya (stomping in multiple colours)

When they are shown walking single-file at the end, it is not in the order of appearance, instead it changes to Ayumi>Kanon>Shiori>Mio>Elsie

Episode 8



Many girls who appear as angels (presumably including Tenri Ayukawa and Haqua) fly around


Ending theme

Some glowing girl is barefoot hovering above Keima

Episode 1

Haqua's master is shown following the yoga routine of a barefoot instructor on TV

Episode 4

Although not barefoot, during an argument Tenri Ayukawa (in Diana mode) and Haqua both step on Keima Katsuragi while wearing stockings tight enough to show the outlines of their ankles during a closeup.

Episode 8

Diana (Kaminomi) (possessing Tenri) and Mars (Kaminomi) (possessing Yui) are seen barefoot simultaneously in the same shot. Due to Elsie taking the host bodies out of bed while asleep, Minerva (Kaminomi) (possessing Shiori Shiomiya) and Vulcanus (Kaminomi) (possessing Tsukiyo Kujou) are probably also barefoot but their feet are not initially seen.

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