Toradora! ( (とらドラ! ) is a 25-episode anime adaptation of japanese light novel series with the same name. The series was produced in 2008 by J.C.Staff and added a special episode to the count by an ova (original video animation) added to the 2011 blu-ray edition.


Ryuji himself also has some barefoot scenes, but we don't have a page for him yet.

It tells the story Ryuji Takasu, which is a kind and intelligent boy but is frequently misunderstood due to his eyes looking like the ones of a delinquent, a trait he inherited by his father. He is very skilled at cleaning and cooking due to his mother, Yasuko , working overnight and being asleep for a big portion of the day. On his first day of the second year he is overjoyed to have in his class a friend that understand his true nature, Yusaku Kitamura. The joy become even more great when the girl he have a big crush on, Minori Kushieda, appear to be in the same class as well. The happiness make him careless and he bumps in the "Palmtop Tiger" (Te Nori Taiga) Taiga Aisaka. Their first encounter isn't really the best because Taiga end up punching him in the face due to a comment of Ryuji on her nickname. Things start to change when by a series of accidents they discover that both of them have a crush on their respective best friends. They decide to join forces to help each other win the object of their affections. Due to this they spend a lot of time togheter and rumors start to spread. On top of that a transfer student is added to Ryuji and Taiga class, Ami Kawashima, a childhood friend of Kitamura, just to add another piece to the big mosaic of realtionships...

The title is a "composition" of the names of the two main characters, Taiga Aisaka and Ryuji Takasu. Taiga sounds like tiger in english and "tiger" translate as "tora" ( とら ) in japanese. The second part of the word derive from the meaning of Ryuji name, literally "son of dragon", and the japanese trascription for the english word "dragon" as "doragon" ( ドラゴン ) .


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