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Lucky Star has schoolgirl Otaku Surrogate foot closeups that would make Quentin Tarantino himself drool.

Maria Taro and Kiri Komori from Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei are always barefoot.

Ranma ½, both the anime and the manga, is chock-full of barefoot cute girls (and males, too). Quite justified most of the time, since many characters are practicing martial arts favoring this. And for Female!Ranma, the oversized slippers are always the first thing to go after a transformation. Nonetheless, the whole series is a foot-fetishist heaven.

Plus there is an apparent foot fetishist in the manga: Yohyo Tsuruyasennen. In a parody of Cinderella, this rich (or so it seems) owner of a private island summons girls to his beach for a grand gala where they have to step forcefully on the back of his head with their bare feet. Turns out he fell in love with a girl who stomped on his head and ate his entire lunch... (three guesses who that was, and the first two don't count). Turns out maybe he isn't really a foot fetishist, he's just looking for the girl whose foot matches the bruise she left on his head! (Kind of like the glass slipper in reverse.) The first thing he does upon meeting Ranma is ask her to stomp on his head. She doesn't take it kindly.

More than once, the Male Gaze of Akio in Revolutionary Girl Utena focuses rather strongly on his latest victim's feet. This scene and also this from Sailor Moon has the protagonist's bare soles thrust directly in front of the camera.

The Dark Magician Girl's transformation in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime includes a brief close-up of her naked feet.

You see a brief close-up of Bakura's feet when he's stepping out of his hospital bed.

One scene from Full Metal Panic opens on a tight shot of Kaname wiggling her bare feet. Kaname spends half the last arc of the first anime barefoot (with not as much close-ups). And she spends half an episode of TSR barefoot and wearing only a bathrobe and panties. Not to mention that the series tend to show the feet of other female characters as well.

RG Veda, both manga and anime, has most of the characters going barefoot constantly. Including when it makes no sense at all, like while crossing in a mountainous area filled with snow. Brrr...

The very Fan Servicey first season transformation sequence of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha included a close up of Nanoha's bare feet as her Barrier Jacket formed around them.

Slayers episode "Yes! A Final Hope: The Bless Blade" features a close-up of Sylphiel removing her boots and then walking barefoot onto a lake to retrieve a holy sword.

Another episode features a close-up of heroine Lina Inverse's bare feet as she undresses for a shower.

Chiaki Minami gets a bit of this treatment in the penultimate episode of Minami-ke Okaeri.

Not so much a scene as an entire character, Haruka Gracia from Basquash! has a rather extreme foot fetish. She talks to people by talking to their feet, can apparently read emotions through feet, and provides the Bigfoot humongous mecha with a pair of Nike brand humongous sneakers. Considering she does that to men's feet, it ends being Fan Disservice for many.

Bleach anime episode #116, as Orihime delivers a long, heartfelt monologue about her relationship with Ichigo and Rukia, the camera often focuses on her bare feet, with her toes curling and uncurling. Fans didn't seem to notice, probably because they were distracted by all the yuri Fanservice between Orihime and Rangiku that immediately followed.

In the Soul Society, the standard prisoners' uniform is a white robe and bare feet. Rukia is dressed like this during her time as a Distressed Damsel, complete with a few closeups of her bare feet as the execution process starts. When several of Rukia's (male) allies come to rescue her and get captured, they're briefly seen wearing the prisoners' uniform as well and are barefoot.

Notably, in the movie Bleach: Fade to Black, Rukia is barefoot the entire time she is Dark Rukia.

Nearly every fight scene in the anime involves at least one Foot Focus shot. The artists seem to have even gone through the effort of giving characters uniquely shaped feet.

In Gurren Lagann the girl Nia is barefoot when she first appears, so Simon lets her borrow his shoes. As for a male example, close-ups of Kamina's bare feet are seen in episode 6 as he's running down a hall.

In Naruto, there appear to be no close-toed shoes; the most reserved shoes leave the toes and heels exposed, others have only a thong, and a few characters even go barefoot. Reportedly, this is because the mangaka likes drawing toes.

Tsunade is barefoot in episode 133 of Shippuden, having slipped off her uncomfortable sandals in leisure as she drinks sake perched on the windowsill of the Hokage office. However, her "relaxation" is a way of keeping Jiraiya off her mind after he went to uncover Pain's real identity and bet her he wouldn't come back alive, knowing she loses all her bets. This time was tragically different. Likewise One Piece features many barefoot or sandal-wearing characters, both male and female. And the feet are drawn slightly larger than most anime, too.

Special mention goes to Nami: Because she's almost always wearing sandals, both the manga and anime (Especially the anime) give us many close-ups of her cute feet that are guaranteed to make many a fan nosebleed. The most recent one from the manga as of now is this fanservice gem.

Mahou Sensei Negima! has this, naturally. There are an inordinate number of instances which focus on Evangeline's feet. For an example...Evangeline should be the queen of this trope.

The Narutaru manga has this in spades.

The main character Marin from Umi Monogatari, her sister, and the other underwater mer-people of the series, go barefoot. There is no shortage of camera shots of the characters' soles and toes in this series.

Medusa of Soul Eater. Barefoot seems to be her default setting, and on at least one occasion the shot focuses on her feet as she walks onscreen.

In the 3×3 Eyes manga, there are plenty eye-catch panels between the chapters with Pai/Parvarti (or other female characters) in various state of (un)dress, and often barefoot. Also, there is the whole Amalah story arc, where Yakumo is helped by the "Level C" warrior girls, who wear Stripperific costumes with no shoes. It is even mentioned that, unlike the "divine rank" Level B, the Level C are not allowed to wear any footwear.

The fact that the girls from Hidamari Sketch kick off their shoes when they visit each other's homes is often use as an excuse to show off their bare feet — especially Miyako's.

The first scene in the first episode (taking place the January after she gets into the school) focuses on one of Yuno's feet for a few seconds as it sticks out from under the blanket to test the room's temperature.

Shiro from Deadman Wonderland wears a one-piece bodysuit that leaves her feet bare, and there are plenty of close-ups.

A lot of characters in Mushishi seem to get this, with almost all characters being barefoot or in sandals.

There are quite a few close-ups of several characters feet in Monster, including some with sandals or barefoot.

Yuko from xxxHolic gets plenty of this.

The Festival Episode of Sketchbook includes a scene of the girls changing into their yukata, featuring Natsumi's yukata sliding down to her bare feet, as well as several close-ups of Sora's feet as she expresses discomfort with her geta and changes into more comfortable sandals.

Though not the chief fetish in Nana to Kaoru, one chapter has Kaoru massaging Nana's feet with lotion. While she is tied up and blindfolded (it was consensual!)

Kiss x Sis: A playful kicking battle underneath a kotatsu between step-siblings Riko and Keita ends abruptly when Keita connects with a sensitive spot. This led to a lengthy scene in which the pair use their feet for more erotic purposes, continuing even when Riko's twin sister Ako entered the room. Needless to say, when Ako realized what was going on beneath table she was less than amused.

Princess Resurrection: Reiri and especially Sherwood, whose "fire of life" (used to restore the energy of blood servants) comes out of her big toe. This may be for some unstated magical reason in the anime, but not in the manga — where the "fire of life" is just blood, so it doesn't matter where it comes out. Apparently Sherwood just likes doing it this way.

Rave Master and Fairy Tail and any other series by Hiro Mashima is likely to have a lot of this with most female characters. Author Appeal may be to blame.

Read or Die (the TV) can't seem to go one episode without focusing on someone's feet, be it socked or barefoot.

Played very straight in Strange Dawn. The creatures from the other world find feet erotic.

Episode 4 of Aquarion, "Barefoot Warrior", is basically a crowning moment of Foot Focus. In the beginning of the episode, the teacher demands all the students take off their shoes, then individually inspects all of their feet. The topic of feet and footsteps becomes a major point of the episode, and at the end, the three heroes defeat the enemy by taking off their shoes and piloting Aquarion while barefoot. And of course, tons of close-ups throughout.

From Futaba-kun Change!, there is the wrestling match in book 4. Female wrestler Anzu specializes in leg-work; she isn't wearing wrestling boots but only gaiters, leaving most of her feet bare, and she thrusts them all the time in her opponents' face (which is most often the reader's viewpoint).

Just about every Yosuga no Sora episode has a scene of Sora walking around barefoot. Sure, she (almost) never leaves the house, but...

In Gundam SEED Special Edition, the flashbacks to Flay and Kira's sex scene include a brief shot of Flay's feet curling into Kira's mattress.

Though the fanservice tends to focus elsewhere when it comes to her, Sena Kashiwazaki in Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai is clearly well aware of this trope and uses it for her "rewards."

Sena: Well, when I tell the guys in my class I'll step on them, or let them lick my shoe, they'll do everything I say.

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko: Most of the time Erio's bare feet and legs are the only thing we can see, since she hides the rest in a futon.

In Diebuster, especially in its first episode, there are quite a few closeups of Nono's bare or partially bare feet, including a sole-centered shot of her performing the franchise's trademark Inazuma Kick.

In the Linebarrels of Iron manga, Miu's introductory chapter (Volume 10, Chapter 42, "Man of Destiny") has quite a few closeups of her bare feet. There are a few moments in the anime as well, especially concerning Emi.

In the second episode of FLCL, Mamimi takes off her shoes and socks to save a cat from drowning in a river. Except... she does so in the water and loses them downstream. Luckily, Naota comes to the rescue with a pair of sandals, while she soaks her bare feet in the water. Later in the episode, Mamimi repeats her mistake, and this time, she's stuck going barefoot all the way home. However, she doesn't seem to mind padding down a rough metal bridge, and like the oddball she is, completely ignores her lack of footwear and wanders off to start her "ritual."

A lot of the girls in Nisemonogatari go barefoot indoors- or sometimes outdoors. However, the real spotlight is on Karen Araragi, whose feet actually get incredibly explicit attention- mainly in episode 8- so much so that it stands out as the ultimate gesture of this trope. It begins when she kicks off her shoes entering Koyomi's residence, spending the vast majority of the episode barefoot. First, she forcefully enters his room with a series of kicks from her bare foot, complete with the kanji for "sole" displayed onscreen over her foot when she succeeds, then two instances where her brother Koyomi peers at her feet (and other appealing features) and the camera pauses on them at an extreme closeup, complete with showing she has peach-colored toenails. Later on, her feet get another closeup as she leaps into a mad dash Glomp toward him. After that, the camera gives an in-your-face viewpoint of her bare feet and soles splayed on her brother's bed and as she lowers them onto the floor. Finally, when Koyomi uses a toothbrush on her as means of oral pleasure, she starts to have convulsions, one of which gives her "happy feet"- she begins squeezing and wiggling her toes and shaking her feet around in circles out of delight.

Soredemo Machi Wa Mawatteiru has a few glaring moments of foot exposition. When decorating a colorful banner, Toshiko pulls her socks off to keep stray paint from splattering on them, with a below-angle shot of her bare feet thrown in for the heck of it. In episode 6, Hotori and Kon are barefoot in Kon's apartment, with a shot of Kon's sole and toes as she crosses her legs sitting down on her bed. The most blatant scene is Hotori getting a Daydream Surprise twice, each time smashing her bare feet firmly against a glass panel of her desk out of shock. However, we're clued in that something else was going on- she was getting turned on by her daydream, and she was barefoot because her feet get hot and sweaty during her fantasies, evidenced by steamy footprints on the glass.

Binbo-gami ga! has many moments in which Ichiko's bare feet are focused. Ranmaru gets glaring focus because of her penchant for geta sandals. When she debuts and picks into a fight with Ichiko in her school, her fight-unsuitable footwear becomes a liability. Her first action is to kick those clunky geta off in badass fashion to fight more nimbly in her bare feet- which are her greatest weapons in battle, as proved by a huge closeup of the cute sole of her foot as she parodies the Inazuma Kick. Unfortunately, Ichiko's luck is all she needs to evade that foot of doom, which causes Ranmaru to overshoot her kick and smash through the gym floor, getting her leg stuck and allowing Ichiko to effortlessly perform a submission move on her.