Usagi Tsukino is the central protagonist and namesake of Sailor Moon.


There are barefoot shots of the Inner Senshi in Naoko Takeuchi's Sailor Moon Art books. Naoko originally wanted to make the Sailor Senshi barefoot, but scrapped the idea at the last minute.


Sailor Moon

Episode 2

Episode 4

A close-up of her is shown as she is getting out of the bathtub at the beginning of episode 4 (3 in the dub) in the original series.

Episode 5

Episode 7

Episode 14

Episode 16

Episode 20

Episode 23

Episode 24

Episode 30

Episode 40

Her feet are seen as she is wrestling her brother in a Hot Spring.

Episode 42

Sailor Moon R

Episode 47

Episode 49

Episode 56

Episode 60

Episode 67

Episode 68

In "Naughty and Nice" she is shown barefoot in PJs when she discovers that Mini Moon wet her bed while sleeping with her.

Episode 69

Episode 78

Sailor Moon S

Episode 91

Episode 99

In Sailor Moon S episode 10 "Mixed Emotions/The Kindness of a Man! Yuichiro, Heartbroken by Rei?" her feet are seen while poking fun at the relationship of Rei and Yuichiro. She rubs them together while with Luna.

Episode 104

Episode 105

Episode 113

Episode 123

Sailor Moon Super S

Episode 132

Episode 140

"Clothes Call"

Sailor Stars

Episode 170

"Hardships of A Warriors! Sailor Senshi's Night of Destiny"

Episode 171

"Hell Demon Battle! Love Will Prevail"

Episode 172

"Love and Moon Power! The End of The Nightmare"

Episode 173

Episode 183

Episode 184

Episode 186

Episode 195

Sailor Moon Crystal


Episode 7

Episode 9

Episode 17

Episode 30

Official art



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