Vanessa Glama who uses the hero name Vana Glama is a character in Sidekick.

Season 1

Episode 1a

In "Maxum Man Mark II" when Trevor Troublemeyer dressed like a thug to scare Vana, she took off her right shoe and sock to show us her foot.

Episode 22a

In "The Show Must Go On" she appears with golden fiats

Season 2

Episode 28b

In "A Sidecar Named Desire" while each students were riding on sidecar, Vana is giving herself a pedicure in which we see her left foot with pink nail polish.

Episode 32a

In "Insane in the Cranial" while hanging on from a pilliar, Vana took both her shoes and socks off and tickled Eric Needles, Trevor and Kitty Ko. (Note: in the scene, Vana is shown to have 3 feet instead of 2)

Season 3

Episode 44a

In "Eric and the Maxum Brain Factory" she with Kitty Ko appears barefooted in swimsuit

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