Wendy' Corduroy GF Characters

Wendy Blerble Corduroy is a character from Gravity Falls. She is a tall, laid back teenager with a part-time job at the Mystery Shack, and the former object of Dipper Pines' affections. Fun loving and rebellious, she frequently shirks responsibility for activities she finds more enjoyable, such as hanging out with her rambunctious friends or going on adventures with Dipper and Mabel Pines.

Season 1

Episode 15

In "The Deep End" Wendy is first seen barefoot while in a red one piece swimsuit while working as a life guard at the pool


Season 2

Episode 22

In "Into the Bunker" Wendy is sock foot when she and Dripper are watching a bad B-Movie.

Fan Art

Wendy Corduroy/fanart

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