The Winx Club


Original 5:

New Winx:

  • Aisha (also called Layla in many dubs, joined in season 2) 


Non-Winx Fairies

  • Roxy (although Roxy fought with the Winx Club she did not join them yet)
  • Diana


The Winx Club, in their Enchantix form, are shown to be barefooted. Sometimes they are shown barefoot in their civilian clothing.

Episodw 3

Bloom,Stella and Flora are all wearing footwear that expose their feet

The Emperor's Throne

The Winx are barefooted while at the beach


The following contains issues where the viewer can see at least one bare foot. There might be more issues which contain bare feet. Where the character is known and they are shown solo, it is on their individual page. If it is unidentified or group, it's listed here.

Issue 24

Issue 52

Issue 72

On page 25, 3 girls are visibly barefoot:

  1. Flora, whose feet are up on the couch (does not wear socks with her boots)
  2. Musa has her feet on the floor (wears long white socks and blue boots)
  3. Stella, whose feet are up on the table (normally wears short pink socks with orange wedges, not boots)

Sitting next to Musa, the feet of Aisha/Layla or Tecna are not visible due to the angle, so it's not clear whether or not they are also barefoot. Tecna normally has pink flats on her feet, Aisha/Layla wears green socks with pink sandals.

Bloom is wearing yellow sneakers with blue leg warmers.

Other images


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