Yasuko Takasu is the thirty-three-years-old mother of Ryuji Takasu, the male lead of Toradora!. She had Ryuji when she was very young and raised him herself, working in the hostess bar Bishamon Tengoku.

Due to her work she spends most of the day asleep, entrusting all the household chores to Ryuji. She is a bit of an hairhead but seems to have some insights of other people, instantly liking Taiga and considering her a part of her family.


Episode 01Edit

Title: "Tiger and Dragon" ( "Tora to Ryu" - 虎と竜 )

Episode 09Edit

Title: Let's Go to the Ocean, You Say" ( "Umi ni Iko to Kimi Wa" - 海にいこうと君は )

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